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"Life has been very hard on me, but, at the same time, it has taught me a great deal." —Paulo Coelho
i ain't using this blog anymore but i'll still keep it because it's full of bitter sweet memories. msg me if you want to know my new blog url: . Danke! :]

Waaaa, stolen photos! Oh well. ヽ(´ー`)┌

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What Humans Never Knew About Books


Books are simple looking. Just a plain rectangular object with thin papers layered according to page inside the covers. That’s what most people see, but to tell you honestly, what others do not know and see is that books are terrible and are enormous spiders. Once you open it, the book would tangle you and wrap you with its thick and sticky silk which would suffocate you from head to toe until you lose your conscience. When they are satisfied with their work, they will plaster you on their web. You would be the prey of these books and they would really make sure that once you get caught, you would never let them go.

That’s what they are. That’s what they really are, and you do not even have the slightest idea about this truth.

Books are monsters from different worlds that would strangle you without you even knowing. You see, books are not loyal to you. They are never loyal to anybody. You are loyal to the books. Once you get tangled — even the thinnest hair of your body — by this so called web, you would never let them go. You may place them in your shelves now and not even read or touch a member of their family for three years or so, I assure you, you would come back to them, because you are their prey.

You are theirs.

It’s a disease, actually, which is caused by books. A disease that would make both of your hands itch for more books in your shelves. That would make you want to hold them and touch every page it has. A disease that would make you long and love the different kinds of smell every page owns. It’s as if it were a human being that you love so dearly. It is a disease that would make you lock yourself in your room just to read each page. It would make you want to be in the world your book furnishes. It is a disease that would make you want to be a part of the book instead.

What is their venom, you ask?

It is their words. Words are their weapons. Words are used to pull you to read them again. They are the ones who would pull your head and hair and your eyeballs and your eyelashes, if they must, just to make you read the words written on each page. They use words as temptations and attractions. Temptations and attractions in many and different ways. They could be used for you to be tempted in knowing about love. Words could be used for you to fall in love with a character. We do not actually know. It’s up to the enormous creature what they should do and how they should deal with your emotions.

That is why you should never, ever — and I mean never — judge a book by its cover. A book may be small or maybe even as huge as an encyclopedia. It may be really thin or really thick like a dictionary, but we would never know. We would never know what is buried deep inside the pages. Who knows? Maybe what lies beyond the pages of a book is a silent monster, watching you with its beady eyes. Maybe, just maybe, the monster is waiting for you. It’s impatiently waiting for the day that you would open its cover and it would make you his loyal and lovely slave.

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Stolen. Miss you Mr. Caulfield and the time we spent together. I guess, see you soon? maybe?  ♡

Stolen. Miss you Mr. Caulfield and the time we spent together. I guess, see you soon? maybe?  

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Who’s that girl behind the lens? Ah, that’s me. ♡

Who’s that girl behind the lens? Ah, that’s me

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I just finished watching the season 3 finale! I really didn’t see that one coming. *ha-ha! don’t want to be a spoiler* (--〆) I loved it! Season 4 is going to be more exciting now that a lot has happened in this finale, but I’m still rooting for Delena. YUP! Delena all the way! I also can’t wait for the book 3 of the hunters trilogy that will be published in October. :)

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April is moon, moon is April.


April is moon, moon is April. But unfortunately, I don’t monopolize that thinking anymore, Cherryl always sends text messages every time the moon is beautiful, and how it reminds her of you and all that stuff. And it’s depressing the Caufield in me, because I was the first one to call you it, you know, and she’s a curly copycat (peace you Che, you’re loved). Sailormoon, I told you about this thing about bokeh, and this ‘photography’ world being full of bokeh suckers. It’s getting tiring these days, granted it’s aesthetically inclined, but still, it’s overrated. And I’m one of those suckers, if all I know. So it doesn’t me extra special, and it doesn’t make them either. It all balls down to pursuing beyond this so called photography conventions and really try hard to be good at it. And you, by far, is the best ‘moon pursuers”. And I mean it, judging that it’s just the kit lens and a little editing skills, it’s fascinating in a way. You’re supposed to steal Kash’s banner ‘Shooting the Moon”. Moon aside, I hope you don’t hold back, I mean writing, because I can see that you have the potential, it’s just that confidence is something you’re struggling to find. Don’t waste the writing styles, vocabularies and wisdom you get from devouring lots of books (you probably read more than I do) learn to capture them in pen and paper acquiescence. Your perspective matters, are you going to deny the world of that?

Thank you koya! I’m still smiling like Cheshire cat after reading this. This is so sweeet and funny too. And! And don’t you forget that you are an extra special guy to me koya and you will always be. You are amazing and such an inspiration for someone like me who wants to be a great writer. Keep on inspiring. 


I just need to reblog these awesome shots of Kuya Glenn! <3


March 8, 2012.

It was my first time meeting a bunch of strangers. I was both ecstatic and nervous. I predicted awkward silences because I do not know anyone and I am not good with first meetings.

I rushed my way to MoA. It was already late in the afternoon and the sun shined so bright. I was really in mixed emotions. I texted Kuya Glenn (pseudoperfection) where they were. It was kind of hard looking for them because I had no idea that they were on the other side of the rink. Anyway, I was greeted by Ishel (ishelpartdeux) and Kuya Glenn. We then met the others and went near the MoA Eye(is this the right name?).

It was really awkward because I had no one to talk to but I managed to break my silence and get to know people one by one. I met Kuya Glenn, Ishel, April (aioea) and Kash (ilovekashilario). We went downstairs and took pictures of the sunset, the silhouette of the people watching the sunset and the Ferris wheel. Then, ate Cherryl (cherrylisraindrops) arrived. They rode the Ferris Wheel while I took pictures of the beautiful horizon.

To sum it all up, I had a really good time. It was my first meet-up and I had fun. I wish that it would be as easy as this to meet other people. I also learned that I am youngest in the group :)) I hope that we could do this soon and I want to meet more interesting people here on tumblr in real life :D